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Family Related Websites

These pages tell a bit about my family and what they are doing with themselves.


My dad’s side are Germans from Russia.  You can read about what that means on the GRHS website.


My Adventures

These pages are places I’ve been to and things I’ve seen.


All images are my own creation.  I impressed myself with the King Dome implosion.  We stood outside for hours the night before to get a good view in the early morning.


Personal Interests

  1. Geocaching is a great way to get exercise without noticing.
  2. I have two telescopes now.  One is a Meade 5” ETX-125 Schmidt-Cassegrain that I bought used on e-Bay with oodles of accessories; the second is an 11” Celestron CGE-1100 Schmidt-Cassegrain that Dale & I bought locally, also used. It's a beast!
  3. Dale has an 8" Dobsonian telescope.
  4. The SKY! and astrophotography.  I have a webcam for telescope/laptop viewing/capturing. And a Canon Rebel for more traditional tripod/timed exposure shots.



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